F# (F Sharp)

Publicado: diciembre 16, 2006 en F#, Frameworks, Lenguajes de programacion

Las personas encargadas de  Microsoft Research han liberado una nueva versión de F#. ¿Y que es F#? pues es un lenguaje 100% matematico y esta orientado a la  programacion funcional, ademas utiliza el compilador de .Net para crear los runtimes de ejecución del mismo. En este caso la gente de Research ha ido un poco mas allá y ha liberado esta versión para que tambien sea compatible con Mono.

Les dejo una lista de características de F# aunque esta en ingles espero que les sirva de algo.

Some F# features:

  • F# is the first ML language where all the types and values in an ML program can be accessed from some significant other languages (e.g., C#) in a predictable and friendly way.
  • F# was the first released .NET language to produce Generic IL, and the compiler was designed partly with this language in mind. The compiler can also produce (non-generic) v1.0 or v1.1 .NET binaries.
  • F# supports features that are often missing from ML implementations such as Unicode strings, dynamic linking, preemptive multithreading and SMP machine support.

F# for developers:

  • The interactive environment fsi.exe supports top-level development and exploration of the dynamics of your code and environment.
  • The command line compiler fsc.exe supports separate compilation, debug information and optimization.
  • F# comes with F# for Visual Studio, an extension to Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 that supports features such as an integrated build/debug environment, graphical debugging, interactive syntax highlighting, parsing and typechecking, IntelliSense, CodeSense, MethodTips and a simple project system.
  • F# can be used with tools from the .NET Framework, Microsoft’s Visual Studio and many other .NET development tools. 
  • F# comes with an ML compatibility library that approximates and extends some of the OCaml 3.06 libraries. This means you don’t have to use .NET libraries if it is not appropriate.  It is possible to write large and sophisticated applications that can be cross-compiled as OCaml code or F# code, and we take this mode of use very seriously.
  1. georgelys dice:

    Hola, relamente es muy bueno este nuevo lenguaje, pero como hago para ver f# en modo visual utilizando mono…? gracias…

  2. Pablo dice:

    Muy buena info, no sabia para que servia, la programacion funcional y la logica son muy buenos paradigmas, tendrian que tener mas llegada.

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